Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chapter 14 - Letter from Ivan

His letter arrived a few days later! It should have taken weeks for him to get mine, but by now I understood that he was reading my mind. I'd read about such things, but didn't believe in them. Now I had to.

Beloved Ginger

Yes, I did smile, but only because of your comparison of life to the lake: I love to see how your mind perceives familiar places and was not disappointed. It's like passing a magnet under a piece of paper holding steel shavings: a new pattern always emerges. (Pass it over paper, wood or bananas, and you’ll get nothing. Now you can make fun of my metaphor, if you like.)

I’ve often thought of using Kipling’s Kim for the basis of a film. It’s a brilliantly written book (TS Eliot used to read it to his wife in the evenings because he loved the language so much). But, as you noticed, it never ventures sufficiently far to the north and India isn't on our itinerary.

Your letters of introduction that will get you to the stranger places, which I won't name here, are on their way. I’ve arranged for them to arrive only after you’ve had the joy of standing in that magical place where you can look over your left shoulder, up almost to the sky, and see Nanga Parbat, and then turn your head and look over your right shoulder to see Rakaposhi.

I wouldn’t think of distracting you until you have done that.

There isn’t any point in taking photos or videos of that particular view, and I don’t believe it’s possible to sketch anything so amazing, but try to send me some kind of picture. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and you shall be my eyes.

I am always with you,


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